Lyrical Trees

How to start: Tell us about your friend or family member and we will create a one-of-a-kind, dimensional work of art. What are their hobbies, interests, careers, passions, pets, characters, colleges, sports teams, etc.? What do they collect? Your input is what makes Lyrical Trees “one of a kind”. We are not limited to the options below but extra charges may apply. We cannot promise to incorporate them all, but we are very creative and will reach out with questions and or suggestions to guarantee a special, “one of a kind” Lyrical Tree. Options include

  • Tree color
  • Background color
  • Icon: Hearts, leaves, or a custom icon (additional cost)
  • Text/Content (you can include a poem, verse, wedding vow, or lyric)
  • Location of text or content (either on the tree or in the background)
  • Choice of black frame, white-washed frame (extra), brown-slatted frame (extra), matted frame (extra)
  • Name tags
  • Background images
  • Images of people or pets (additional cost)

Have another creative or CRAZY idea? Tell us and we will try and incorporate it into the design (extra charges apply). Visit our gallery to get ideas, then tell us about your friend or loved one. You can add the above details in this form.

Because they are so personalized and custom, Lyrical Trees typically take 1-2 weeks to ship. Have a short deadline? Let us know and we will tell you if we can make your deadline (rush charges and rush shipping may apply).

Family Trees

Family Trees make a great gift for small to mid-sized families. Give them for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, Valentines Day and  Christmas.

Legacy Trees

Legacy Trees are great for large families. Give them as gifts at family reunions, for teachers during the holidays (using apples), and to parents at anniversaries or holidays.

Custom Trees

Have a family or friend that’s passionate about a hobby, sports team, college, or collectables? Why not give them a custom Lyrical Tree that fits their passions in life. Great for birthdays and holidays.

My Story

Family and friends are very important to me. Whether it’s sharing our lives over coffee or wine with friends, date night with my husband, lunch with my children, or nanna time with my amazing grandchildren, my life is not complete without creating new memories with those I love.

Lyrical Trees was started as a way of expressing my passion for connecting with others.  Each tree is completely personalized from the poem, verse, vow, or lyric, to the heart, leaf or custom icon with handwritten names, to the choice of frames, and to even the background and tree colors, Lyrical Trees are truly a one of a kind personalized work of art that we create together.

People often ask what I love most about my business. I love to hear stories surrounding the families and friends. I get to know their passions, their joys and at times, even their sorrows of someone they lost. I also love to hear the joy and happy tears as the Lyrical Trees are given to family and friends.

One client included a poem he wrote for his wife while they were dating, something she hadn’t read in years. I was told it brought back tears and amazing memories of their early life together. I even had one client who said their Lyrical Tree meant so much to their mom, that she wanted to be buried with it when she passed away. I think you now understand why Lyrical Trees have meant so much to me. My clients are not just my clients, but they often become my friends.