Lyrical Trees: Unique, Customizable, Dimensional and Personalized Works of Art!

There are some people in life, that make you laugh a little louder

Love a little deeper

Stretch a little further

And live life a little fuller

They are there through the good times as well as the bad

For those people, you need Lyrical Trees

Styles of Lyrical Trees

Family Trees (Hearts)

Family Trees with hearts make a great gift for small to mid-sized families. Give them for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, Valentines Day and  Christmas.

Legacy Trees (Leaves)

Legacy Trees with leaves are great for large families. Give them as gifts at family reunions, for teachers during the holidays (using apples), and to parents at anniversaries or holidays.

Custom Trees

Have a family or friend that's passionate about a hobby, sports team, college, or collectables? Why not give them a Lyrical Tree that fits their passions in life. Great for birthdays and holidays.







“My husband gave me the sweetest, most thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day. If you look closely on the words on the tree. It’s the words to one of my favorite song “Unstoppable God”. There is a heart for each one of us, and when the Lord finally answers our prayers, there is room for more hearts. So grateful for you Darrell. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Valentine’s Day!


“Like I’ve said before, you do AMAZING work. The details of these very personal gifts are perfect! I will order again soon.”


“You did an Amazing beautiful job on my Family Lyrical Tree! My Parents Loved it!!!! ❤️”


“I got a picture with a caption “We totally and COMPLETELY love this”


“I bought mine last year but we still love it and it’s on our wall in the bedroom ❤️”


“I’ve given 3 of my 4 tree gifts. As I expected they we’re overjoyed and loved them!!”


“We gave my mother-in-law a lyrical tree for her birthday a couple years ago. When she passed away we had the lyrical tree on display with her photograph at the funeral. It sits on our mantle at home now with her photo.”


“I can’t wait till Christmas to give the ones you made for me! I also need to order one more that I won’t need until after Christmas.”


“This was the tree made for our parents 60th anniversary. They loved it. Very special and unique gift!”


“This Valentine’s Day, my husband brought me to tears before 9am. The butterfly has Joshua’s name (broken heart). The words on the tree are lyrics from our first dance on our wedding day. He won this year…He won so hard!”


“My boyfriend absolutely loved it, even down to the weathered looking lyrics on the tree. Thank you for hitting the mark so perfectly!”


“My nephews and their wives loved their lyrical trees! thought they were beautiful and loved the distressed frames and background colors! couldn’t have a more perfect gift! Thank you!!”


“My daughter loved her tree, it was the prefect gift.”


“My dad, mom and boyfriend absolutely LOVED them. Thank you for the wonderful gifts.”


“Absolutely love mine. Best gift I ever received!


“I frickin LOVE your trees…ALL of them!! How fun and creative they & you are!!❤️”


Tears from my Grandpa and his wife, both sides included. They told me I’m their favorite granddaughter now 😆

My brother and sister in law loved their camping themed one as well, no pictures, I just enjoyed the moment as they opened them. 

Feel free to post a picture of that monster tree you did for my Grandpa and his wife and the camping one. Both so unique and lovely! Thank you!


Huge Hit! My husband loved it more than his fishing stuff!!!


A beautiful gift for Mom’s 87th birthday! Thank you so much Carol! She absolutely loves it!  Mom and her four children pictured here. You are so talented! 


“Thank you! You are always helpful! I couldn’t ask for a better experience with this purchase.”

“My mom loved it. I gave it to her early because she really needed a pick me up today, and she even cried!”



“My family received one of your beautiful creations! It was a gift at my mom’s memorial. I was stunned at how wonderful and touching it is. I would like to order one for my mother-in-law.”


“I have purchased three trees, each one for a different purpose. The first was for my Mom and stepdad as grandparents, the second was for a wedding gift for my cousin and get new husband, who are now expecting their first child. The third was a memorial gift for a family I hold close to my heart that lost their matriarch. Each has been meaningful in its own personal way but they have all been about love. I know I will be buying more for others in the future, but this one would be my own.”


“I got one for my husband as a wedding gift. He LOVED it. It is below the centerpiece of a wedding wall we have. I would love one to give to my parents as a gift! I know she would love it and it would make her cry!”


“As tempting as it would be to keep, I want it for my best friend. I have known her since we were 3, and she got married almost a year ago, just before I lost my job. I’ve been actually saving to buy one of these for her as a wedding present (which she bought my dress and everything, just so that I could be there), but every time I get close, something comes up!! She is the most caring, sweet, thoughtful person I have ever met!! When I was pregnant with my second, and she wasn’t able to be here for me, she called me every day, and she knitted for me, and her mom brought it to my baby shower with a video call from her!! I could go on and on and on…!! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!!!!”


“I have given many Lyrical Trees and I absolutely love everything about your trees….the product and your way of doing business! But then I realized that for all the trees I have given and much as I love them….I don’t have one of my own for MY family! How did that happen?”


“We bought one for my sister in law when she got married and she cried and said it was the best gift they got!”


“My grandmother is selling her house after 64 yrs the home where she raised her 6 kids and the home that I was super lucky to be able to raise my son. She’ll be moving into assisted living and this would be such a wonderful reminder as she progresses in her dementia. What wonderful memories we’ve all been so fortunate to share together.”


“I have purchased 2, both for my mom and mother in law for mothers day! They absolutely loved them, made them both cry! I would love one for myself they are beautiful!”


“I would love to have one myself with each of my children and grandchildren. When we came across you last year at the Christmas shop I had intended to get one for my daughter in memory of my mom for her but now I think I want to honor my parents and all the children they have blessed over the years through adoption, foster care, and their own 5 biological children. My mom and dad parented over 260 foster children, adopted 20 special needs children on top of raising us 5 biological kids plus numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends of ours who just needed a place to stay for a few days. They were everyone’s momma and daddy, Mamaw, and Papaw they never turned a kid away. Mom has gone on to heaven and daddy is 80 but still raising children. Church on Sunday then gardens the rest of the week. Cooks 3 meals a day. So yes I would give a tree to my daddy in honor of his and mommas lifelong legacy of love for children, service to God and love for each other. 42 years together.. shared. And I think they make awesome gifts because they speak from the heart and say so much. That says what we want to say when we can’t be there to say it and let our loved ones know we are with them.”


“After 43 years, 2 daughters, 2 sons in law and 6 grandkids my parents have decided they can no longer keep up the maintenance on this home. They have faced a lot this year as well. My mom has had a broken foot and has been healing since March my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer has had a large portion of his lung removed and will be starting Chemo soon. They have faced these challenges head-on and without much help as my sister and I don’t live nearby. We have both been taking turns helping out. A Lyrical Tree would be a wonderful addition to their new home and would be cherished for years to come. I would love to surprise them with this.”


“I received one as a gift and the gave one as a gift. These are amazing and you truly do a wonderful job. I would like to have one made for my mom for her 70th birthday.”


“I absolutely love your trees and I’m writing this post from the maternity floor at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette where my baby sister just became a mom for the very first time! A beautiful Lyrical Tree would be the perfect gift to celebrate her new baby girl and the evolution of her family. Kudos to the beautiful, personalized, heartfelt art that you make and share!”


I am the recipient of this beautiful piece of work. The gift from my daughter for Christmas. I was overwhelmed with emotion. It is my prized possession. You are a remarkable artist and I do not have the words to express my joy. Thank you for capturing my everything.


I’m in tears.. 😊